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Live from The
Continental Club
Austin, TX.


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Past Performances
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  • 2012
  • July 28th, Saturday - Bell Springs Winery, 3 - 5pm
  • July 14th, Saturday - The Whip Inn, 8pm - 10pm
  • June 30th, Saturday - Solara Estates Winery, 2 - 4pm
  • June 13th, Wednesday - Baker St Pub, 9pm- 1pm
  • May 31st Thursday - The Scoot Inn, 10pm-11:30
  • NOT SXSW Dates
    Fri 3/16 - Giddy ups 4pm (band)
    Fri 3/16 - Opal Divine's Penn Field 7pm (band)
    Sat 3/17 - Opa's S.Lamar 3-4pm (Trio)
    Sat 3/17 - Uncorked 7pm (Trio)
  • Saturday, March 24th - Saxon Pub, 10pm, New CD Pre-Release Celebration.
  • My new cd "Through the Glass" released Tuesday, March 27th
    Pre-Release Celebration Saturday, March 24th at the Saxon Pub 10 pm
  • 2011
  • Tuesday Nights at Opal Divines Free House, 8pm.
    700 W.6th Street. with Ron Flynt - Guitar, John Bush - Drums and John Jordan - Bass
  • August 23 ~ Levon Helm's Midnight Ramble, Woodstock, NY. The Levon Helm Band, Greezy Wheels, Studio Opens at 7pm ~ Show Starts at 8pm, $150
  • August 22 ~ Dinosaur BBQ, Clinton Ave, Syracuse, New York, no cover.
  • July 18 ~ Treadgill's, North LamarLocation, with Greezy Wheels, no cover.
  • July 12 ~ Roadhouse Rags, 1600 Fortview Road, $5. Penny Jo, 7pm; Bonny Holmes, 8pm; R.G. Stark, 9pm
  • June 24 ~ Opal Divines Free House on West 6th, on the patio 8 - 10pm, no cover
  • June 3 ~ Evangeline's Cafe, S. Brodie Ln, acoustic show, 6:30pm, no cover
  • May 23 ~ Shifty's, Burnet Ave, Syracuse, New York, Solo acoustic. Opening for the Ripcords. No cover.
  • May 22 ~ Syracuse Suds Factory, with Joe Henson, Mike Vincitorre, and Sweets Ebner songwrter swap. Or as I think they should be called, The Three Tremors. No cover
  • May 20 ~ Marcellus Village Tavern, 8pm, Joe Henson, Scott Ebner and the gang are having a song swap! No cover.
  • April 28 ~ Opal Divines Pennfield, 3601 South Congress in South Austin, (512) 707-0237, 7-9pm
  • Sat April 26th ~ Opal Divines Marina, 12709 Mopac at Parmer Lane, North Austin • Tel - (512) 733-5353, 8-11pm
  • NotSXSW Friday, March 14th -
    Opal Divines Free House 700 W. 6th St Downtown Austin (512) 477-3308
    Peace House Concerts presents:
    TeXchromosome -Texas Womens Showcase
    1-1:45 Elizabeth Mcqueen
    2-2;45 Amiee Brobuck
    3-3:45 Juliann Banks
    4-4:45 Robin Wiely
    5-5:45 Jane Bond
    6-6:45 Bonny Holmes
    7-8pm Penny Jo Pullus
  • NotSXSW Thurs, March 13th
    Opal Divines Free House 700 W. 6th St Downtown Austin (512) 477-3308
    Peace House Concerts presents:
    The Dog & Pony Show

    12 - Dean Chamberlain
    1 - Mike Rosenthal
    2 - Ron Flynt
    3 - Dave Serby
    4 - R.G. Stark
    5 - The Felice Brothers
    6 - Randy Weeks
    7 - Patty Hurst Shifter
  • NotSXSW Tues. March 11th
    40 Years of Rock and Roll /SIMS fund raiser 7-10 pm

    Opal Divines Free House 700 W. 6th St Downtown Austin (512) 477-3308
    Peace House Concerts presents:
    40 Years of Rock and Roll Photography by Larry Hulst

    Live Music by some of Austin's finest playing your classic rock faves:
    Will Sexton,Ted Roddy, Eric Hisaw ,Chrissy Flatt, Craig Marshall, Bonny Holmes, Penny Jo Pullus, Ron Flynt, Shelley King, Leeann Atherton , R.G. Stark,Dave Newbould, The Greezy Wheels ,Julieann Banks.....
  • Sunday, March 9th
    Pub Rock Night 3 SIMS Fundraiser

    Hole in the Wall
    9:00 The Lowlies
    9:20 Rick Broussard
    9:40 Ted Roddy
    10:00 Randy Glines
    10:20 Jim Stringer
    10:40 Freddy KRC
    11:00 Walter Traggert
    11:20 Ron Flynt
    11:40 Penny Jo Pullus
    12:00 Craig Marshall
    12:20 Neil Kassanoff
    12:40 Landis Armstrong and the Guilty Pleasures
    1:00 Paul Minor
    1:20 Elizabeth McQueen and the Firebrands
  • July 28th at Opal Divine's Pennfield south Congress *8-10pm* ( Ron Flynt and myself will be playing some music
  • SXSW Hillbilly Lane - TexChromosome, Friday March 16th, 5pm. Details on this show and other events at
  • Opal Divines Free House Writer's Song Pull every 3rd Monday (Starting March 19th) with Bonnie Holmes and John Stark.
  • Thursday, October 26th the Archer Gang will be making our first appearance for Bill Poss's Americana Songwriter's Showcase at the The Alligator Grill Archer Gang: Bonny Holmes, Chrissy Flatt, John Stark, Penny Jo Pullus
  • Wed, October 18th, Opal Divine's Pennfield, So. Congress, 8 - 10pm, Penny Jo & the Vanishing Breed
  • Monday, October 16th will be the last Archer Gang ( ) songswap at Opal's Downtown for the season, 8:30-10:30pm, no cover (Pray for nice weather).We will be painting John's toes on stage and general tom-foolery !
  • Saturday, September 16th, Opal Divine's Pennfield, So. Congress, 8 - 10pm
    Penny Jo & the Vanishing Breed
  • Wed, Aug 16th, Opal Divine's Pennfield, So. Congress, 8 - 10pm
    Penny Jo & the Vanishing Breed
  • Saturday, July 15th, Opal Divine's Pennfield, So. Congress, 8 - 10pm
    Penny Jo & the Vanishing Breed
  • Wed, June 14th, Opal Divine's Pennfield, So. Congress, 8 - 10pm
    Penny Jo & the Vanishing Breed
  • Saturday, May 13th, Opal Divine's Pennfield, So. Congress, 8 - 10pm
    Penny Jo & the Vanishing Breed
  • Wed. April 12th, Opal Divine's Pennfield, So. Congress, 8 - 10pm
    Penny Jo & the Vanishing Breed
  • Sat. March 18th
    Hillbilliy Lane, Archer Booking and Rubydog Music present:
    TeXchromosome Show from Noon-8:30pm
  • 12 - 12:45 Amiee Bobruk
  • 1 - 1:45 Amilia Spicer
  • 2 - 2:45 Nancy Moore
  • 3 - 3:45 Bonny Holmes
  • 4 - 4:45 Penny Jo Pullus
  • 5 - 5:45 Elizabeth McQueen
  • 6 - 6:45 Ana Egge
  • 7 - 8pm TBA
  • Fri March 17th
    Hillbilly Lane, Archer Booking and Rubydog Music present:
    The Dog & Pony Show from Noon - 8:30pm
  • 12 - 12:45 Chris Chism
  • 1 - 1:45 Rick Smith
  • 2 - 2:45 Dean Owens
  • 3 - 3:45 Tom Gillam
  • 4 - 4:45 Chrissy Flatt
  • 5 - 5:45 Blue Diamond Shine
  • 6 - 6:45 I See Hawks in L.A.
  • 7 - 8:30 Randy Weeks, Mike Stinson and Tony Gilkyson
  • Sun. March 12th
    Hole In The Wall
    With Mojo Nixon & Elizabeth McQueen
    Sirius satellite radio show
    All proceeds will go to the SIMS foundation.
    Cast of Many!
  • Saturday, March 11th, Opal Divine's Pennfield, So. Congress, 8 - 10pm
    Penny Jo & the Vanishing Breed
  • Texas Independence Day
    Thurs. March 2nd, Opal Divine's Pennfield, So. Congress, 6 - 10:30pm
    Shooting Pains
    Penny Jo & the Vanishing Breed, 7pm
    Elizabeth McQueen & the Firebrands
  • EVERY 3rd Monday thru November 8-10pm
    March 17th, April 17th, May 22nd (Do the Math)
    Chrissy Flatt, John Stark, Bonny Holmes, Penny Jo Pullus
    Opals Divine's Freehouse 700 W.6th st (DOWNTOWN)
  • Azalea Records Showcase, Thurs. Feb 9th, Threadgill's North, 8pm Featuring: Rachel Cross, Zo Mulforde, Grandsons, Mary SueTwohy, Ruthie & The Wranglers, Penny Jo, Houston Marchman
  • 2006/2005
  • Tuesday, Nov.1 Opal Divines South @ Pennfield Day of the Dead Bash Greezy Wheels 8-10pm Sat. OCT 29th, 8:30-10:30 Opal Divines South @ Pennfield  Halloween Bash Special guest Nancy Moore
  • Sat Oct. 8th KGSR Live Remote 4-10pm
    Octoberfest @ Opal Divines South at Penn Field.
    Eric Hisaw, Matt The Electician, Penny Jo Pullus (7:30pm), and Beaver Nelson.
  • Mon. Oct. 3rd, Opal Divines Downtown, 8-10pm
  • 7/30 Harborfest Oswego N.Y - 5:15-6:15 The River Stage(Band)
  • 7/29 Dinosaur BBQ 246 W. Willow Street, Syracuse, NY 9:30 (Band)
  • 7/28 Dinosaur BBQ 99 Court Street, Rochester, NY 9:30(Band)
  • 7/27 The Bitter End NYC 147 Bleecker Street (between Thompson and LaGuardia)New York City, NY 10012 11pm w/ Tom Gillam and Tractor Pull (Band)
  • 7/24 Dairkers Old Forge N.Y. Acoustic Showcase Dave Gleason and Penny Jo Pullus
  • 7/23 Shifty's 1401 Burnet Ave. Syr. N.Y.(315) 474-0048 Rock n Roll Country Roots Review Dave Gleason (San Francisco),Tom Gillam and Tractor Pull (New Jersey) Penny Jo Pullus (Band)
  • 7/22 Swingin in the Square Rock n Roll Country Roots Review The Tipphillbillies, Dave Gleason(San Francisco), Tom Gillam and Tractor Pull (New Jesey)Special guests 6-10pm (Band)
  • 7/21 Dinosaur BBQ NYC 646 W. 31st 212-649-1777 an intimate acoustic show from Penny Jo and Dave Gleason
  • 7/17 Later that evening Manhattans 1 Hanover Square Syr.N.Y 474-8225 an intimate acoustic show from Penny Jo and Dave Gleason
  • 7/17 CNY Rhythm and Blues Fest Clinton Square Syr. N.Y.6:00 (Band)
  • July 16th Rydolfs - Henderson Harbor N.Y. 9-1pm (Band)
  • July15th Later that evening: New York State Rhythm & Blues Festival Allstar Jam, 11:30pm, Land Mark Theater, Syracuse N.Y., Penny Jo and Dave Gleason w/ The Shelly King Band
  • July15th - The Limp Lizzard, 9pm, Onondaga Blvd.Western Lights. Syr N.Y. Dave Gleason and Penny Jo Opening for The Tipphillbillies
  • Monday May 30th Opal Divines 700 W. 6th st 8-10 pm
  • May 25th - Threadgill's Beer Garden with Greazy Wheels, 7pm
  • May 14th - Cheatham Street Warehouse in San Marcos, 9pm
    Opening for Tom Gillam
  • May 14th, WoofStock at Pokey Joe's 11:30-6pm, The Blazing Bows; Shawn Nelson and The Ramblers; Beaver Nelson; Sis Deville; Jimmy LaFave; Penny Jo and More!
  • May-12th - Opal Divines Grand Opening Pennfield Station, South Congress. 6:30 pm with SiS Deville and Toni Price.
  • May 8th Mother's Day
    Patio show with Bonnie Holmes and Chrissy Flatt
    Freddie's Place on South 1st
  • notSXSW, TeXchromosome Showcase at Opal Divines
  • March 13th, Pub Rock Hoot Night at the Hole in the Wall
  • Momo's in Austin
  • Feb 26th, Ole Moulton Bank, Moulton, T
  • Tue, Oct 6th, Jovita's
  • Mon, Oct 5th Opal Devine's
  • Sat. Aug 28th Alley Cantina -Taos N.M.
  • Fri, Aug 26th The Cowgirl - Sante Fe N.M.
  • Thurs. Aug 26th El Fiedel - Las Vegas N.M.
  • Sat. July 24th Harbor Fest - Owego, N.Y
  • Fri. July 23rd Dinosaur BBQ - Syracuse ,N.Y
  • Thurs. July 22nd Dinosaur BBQ - Rochester,N.Y.
  • Mon. July 19th Grape Street Pub - 105 Grape St. Philadelphia P.A.
    w/ Tom Gillam.
  • Sat. July 17th Sally O'Brien's - Union Square,Mass.
  • Fri. July 16th Shifty's - Syracuse. N.Y.
  • Ruby Dog Music is pleased to announce summer tour dates for Penny Jo Pullus and The Vanishing Breed . Catch this fiery redhead kickin' up her boot heels in a town near you this July. Ms. Pullus will be giving you a tasty little bite of her new CD, "Underdog's," due out early 2005. Backing her up are former Trailer Trash bandmates John Mangicarro, Jake Capozzolo, Scott Ebner along with guitar slinger Dale Allen from Pullus' current stomping grounds, Austin, Texas. You may also find Penny Jo lending some sultry crooning on two new releases this summer. Syracuse's own TippHillbillies "Recipe" (Casual Dog Music) and Austin's legendary Greezy Wheels "Hip Pop" (Tanna Records.)
  • Thurs. July 3rd Civic Center, Las Vegas N.M. Fiesta!
  • Fri. July 4th Madrid, N.M., Mineshaft Tavern, after 4th of July Parade - EARLY Show 1 pm
  • Fri. July 4th Eske's, Taos, N.M., Evening show 7-10 pm
  • Sat. July 5th Colfax Tavern, Cimmarron, N.M.
  • Wed. July 9th Plush THE GIRLS GOT IT! Tuscon Arizona
  • Thurs.July 10th TBA - Flagstaff Arzona
  • Fri. July 11th Alley Cantina, Taos ,N.M.
  • Sat. July 12th Pearls Dive , Albuquerque, N.M.
  • Sun. July13th Cowgirl Hall of Fame. SantaFe, N.M.
  • July 19th, Dan Electro's Guitar Bar, Houston, TX Penny Jo Pullus 9:30pm with Jefferson Truett
  • Wed. July 23rd Brokenspoke-Song writers in the round, Brick Church Pike Nashville, TN 7pm
  • Wed. July 23rd "Loretta Lynn Songwriting Festival." Toostsies Orchid Lounge - Broadway, Nashville, TN 9pm
  • Sun. July 27th, Oswego HarborFest, Oswego N.Y., 3:30 pm Port Stage
  • Wed. July 30th, Midway Cafe, Jamica Plains (Boston), MA
  • Fri. Aug. 1st Papermill Island, Baldwinsville, N.Y.8pm
  • Sat. Aug. 2nd Mowhawk Place, Buffalo, N.Y.
  • Sat. Aug. 9th Oswego Speedway, Oswego, N.Y. with PATTY LOVELESS
  • Wed. Aug 13th, Down Time, N.Y., N.Y.
  • Tues. Aug. 26th Dinosaur BBQ ,Syracuse, N.Y.
  • Wed. Aug 27th Dinosaur BBQ ,Rochester, N.Y.
  • Fri. Aug. 29th Moe Down Festival, Tourin, N.Y.
  • Tues. Sept. 2nd Billy Block's Western Beat - Exit Inn, Nashville. TN
  • Wed. Sept.3rd HiTone Cafe, Memphis, TN, 1913 Poplar Ave., with Nancy Apple
  • Monday, Sept. 8th Texas Honeys at Opal Divines
  • Fri, Sept. 12th AllGood Cafe, Deep Ellum, Dallas, TX, 8-11pm with Nancy Moore
  • Monday, Sept. 15th Texas Honeys at Opal Divines
  • Thurs, Sept 18th, ARTZ Rib House, Austin, 7:30 - 9:30pm
  • Mon. Sept 22nd ADDAIRS, Dallas, Tx, with Nancy Moore, 9pm

UK Tour


Thurs 25 - Soul Cafe (Maidstone) 01622 765014 with Mahogany Spirit
Friday 26 - The Shed, Castle Road Bedford , support Micky Kemp,
showtime 8.30pm, further info tel 01234 307542
Sat 27 - Oranges Bar (Ashford, Kent) 01233 621004
Sun 28 - Musician (Leicester) 0116 223 0318
Mon 29 - ie Theatre (Axminister) 01297 631607

Wed 1 - The Borderline (London) 0207 395 0777 (with David Olney)
Thurs 2 - Astor Theatre Arts Centre (Deal) 01304 368481
Sat 4 - The Pilot, Maidstone 01622 691162
Sun 5 - The Meadow House, Berwick, 01289 304173 (with David Blosse)
Mon 6 - The Live Theatre, Newcastle 0191 232 1232 (with David Blosse)

Thursday October 30th Fundraiser for Austin Music Network at Threadgill's

KUT LIVE SET December 14th Hosted by Tom Pittman. 7- 8 pm

Greezy Wheels Christmas Show - Dec. 20th at The Armadillo Bazaar

Twang Tour 04

Fri. March 12th  The Sutler, 2608 Franklin Rd.,  Nashville, TN 37204  
Kaz Murphy Brand - L.A ,CA
Penny Jo Pullus & The Vanishing Breed - Austin ,Tx
Molly Slone- Nashville ,Tenn

Sat. March 13th Kudzu's,  603 Monroe, Memphis, TN 8pm-midnight
Graham Lindsey, Ben Weaver , Nancy Apple, Kaz Murphy , Penny Jo Pullus

Sun. March 14th Adairs Saloon, 2624 Commerce Dallas, TX   9pm
Kaz Murphy Brand
Penny Jo Pullus & The Vanishing Breed
Special guest Nancy Moore

Mon. March 15th Opal Divines Free House, 700 W. 6th St Austin,Tx 8pm
Kaz Murphy Brand
Penny Jo Pullus & The Vanishing Breed

Thurs.March 18th Hillbilly Lane Independent Music Extravaganza
Texas Music Café  11am-6pm, 1321 South Congress Austin,Tx
Penny Jo's set is at 5pm.

Friday, March 20th Lazy Oak  B&B  4pm - 7pm
Penny Jo and Kaz Murphy + Special Guests

Sat March 20th Broken Spoke, Austin TX
South by Southwest (SxSW) showcase, 11pm.
also on bill: Cornell Hurd Band, Lost John Casner, James Hand, and Heybale!

Benefit for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society at The Boatyard Grill, March 28th

Woofstock, Summer of Puppy Luv, Sunday, May 16, 2004 at Groovy Dog Bakery.

1999 - 20012 Penny Jo Pullus